Chemistry Rainbow Lab Essay Example

Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Priya Chauhan
August 27, 2012
Period 3
Rainbow Lab


We should develop skills measuring chemicals with a graduated cylinder. We should practice using the metric system.
We should have the ability to follow directions and to test precision. We should practice lab safety procedures.


Part 1:
Label six tubes in order: A, B, C, D, E, and F.
Fill a beaker half way with water. Use it to rinse your graduated cylinder and test tubes. The second beaker is for contaminated waste water.
Into test tube A, measure 22mL of red liquid.
Into test tube B, measure 8mL of red liquid.
Into test tube C, measure 18mL of yellow liquid.
Into test tube E, measure 22mL of blue liquid.

Part 2:

From test tube C, measure 4mL and pour into test tube D.
From test tube E, measure 7mL and pour into test tube D, and then mix. From test tube E, measure 4mL and pour into test tube F.
From test tube C, measure 3mL and pour into test tube B, and then mix. Calculate your results, and record how may mL were found in each test tube. Answer questions.


The colors we created were rainbow colors: red, red-orange, yellow, blue-green, and violet. There were 11mL in test tube A. 8mL in test tube B. 18mL in test tube C. 0mL in test tube D. 22mL in test tube E. 7mL in test tube F. It is important to follow the directions exactly because otherwise you could end up with different results. If the measurements were incorrect the colors would have differed. There were no stains on my hands.

I had 55.7mL at the end of my lab combined. I should have had 55. The results could have differed because when doing this lab we used water and the water may have remained in the test tubes and graduated cylinder therefore adding to our results and mixing into our labs.


I changed the procedure by changing measurements and directions that made more sense to me, so I understood how to the lab....
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