Chapter 7 Web Quiz

Topics: Sleep, Brain, Electroencephalography Pages: 4 (471 words) Published: September 27, 2012
1.|A car driver's ability to navigate a familiar route while carrying on an animated conversation with passengers best illustrates the importance of:| A)|dualism.|
B)|REM rebound.|
C)|the hidden observer.|
D)|biological rhythms.|
E)|parallel processing.|

2.|The five-stage sleep cycle provides an example of:|
A)|sleep apnea.|
C)|serial processing.|
D)|biological rhythms.|
E)|latent content.|

3.|Bright light inhibits our feelings of sleepiness by influencing the production of:| A)|melatonin.|

4.|The large, slow brain waves associated with Stage 4 sleep are called:| A)|sleep spindles.|
B)|delta waves.|
C)|alpha waves.|

5.|The visual and auditory areas of the brain are most active during ________ sleep.| A)|Stage 1.|
B)|Stage 2.|

6.|Those who complain of insomnia typically _______ how long it actually takes them to fall asleep and ________ how long they actually slept.| A)|underestimate; overestimate|
B)|overestimate; underestimate|
C)|underestimate; underestimate|
D)|overestimate; overestimate|

7.|Which sleep disorder is most likely to be accompanied by sleepwalking and sleeptalking?| A)|narcolepsy|
B)|night terrors|
C)|sleep apnea|

8.|The activation-synthesis theory provides a physiological explanation for:| A)|dreaming.|
B)|sleep apnea.|
D)|posthypnotic amnesia.|

9.|An Austrian physician's so-called “animal magnetism” best illustrated the dynamics of:| A)|biological rhythms.|
B)|REM rebound.|
C)|psychoactive drugs.|

10.|In order to help patients control their undesired symptoms or unhealthy behaviors, clinicians would be most likely to make use of:| A)|dissociation.|
B)|REM rebound.|
C)|posthypnotic suggestion.|
D)|hypnogogic sensations.|

11.|In an experiment, hypnotized subjects are told to scratch their ear if they hear the word...
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