Chapter 6 Review

Topics: Computer network, Wi-Fi, Local area network Pages: 4 (744 words) Published: October 19, 2012
CHA1. What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communications?

•Synchronous communications:
–Receiver gets message instantaneously
•Asynchronous communications:
–Receiver gets message after some delay

2. Describe the elements and steps involved in the telecommunications process.

The model starts with a
sending unit (1) such as a person, a computer system, a terminal, or another device that originates the message. The sending unit transmits a signal (2) to a telecommunications device (3). The telecommunications device—a hardware component that facilitates electronic communication—performs many tasks, which can include converting the signal into a different form or from one type to another. The telecommunications device then sends the signal through a medium (4). A telecommunications medium is any material substance that carries an electronic signal to support communications between a sending and receiving device. Another telecommunications device (5) connected to the receiving device (6) receives the signal. The process can be reversed, and the receiving unit (6) can send a message to the original sending unit 

3. What is a telecommunications protocol?

A telecommunications protocol defines the set of rules that governs the exchange of information over a communications medium.

4. What are the names of the three primary frequency ranges
employed in wireless communications?

–Wireless transmission involves the broadcast of communications in one of three frequency ranges •Radio, microwave, or infrared frequencies

5. Define the term computer network.

•Computer network:
–Consists of communications media, devices, and software needed to connect two or more computer systems  or devices

6. What advantages and disadvantages are associated with the use of client/server computing?

7. What is the Bluetooth telecommunications specification?
What capabilities does it provide?

–Wireless communications...
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