Chapter 30 notes

Topics: Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Chapter 30: Conservative Resurgence, Economic Woes, Foreign Challenges ‘74-89 (I thought we were done reading! )

Personal Pursuits and Diversions:
Yuppies (young urban professionals) were all about fitness/consumerism: labeled the “Me Generation” for selfishness Jaws, Rocky, Star Wars, disco, Disney World, Super Bowl, cable TV, punk rock (SEX PISTOLS!) Stuff like Springsteen’s “Darkness at the Edge of Town”, movies Nashville and Chinatown showed problems/corruption

Changing Gender Roles and Sexual Behavior:
More women worked, still less wages and gender-segregated occupations like nursing and teaching: “glass ceiling” Freer sex, smaller birthrate, older marriage ages. However, AIDS scared many of unprotected sex

The Persistence of Social Activism:
Environmentalism increased after Three Mile Island plant had a meltdown; Greenpeace founded in 1971 N.O.W. wanted better work conditions/pay; equal rights amendment was ALMOST passed- ban sexual discrimination Gay/Lesbian activism grew: Lawmakers like Elaine Noble and Harvey Milk came out of the closet

Grass-Roots Conservatism:
William F. Buckley founded Young Americans for Freedom in the 60’s; Phyllis Schlafly advocated conservatism/Goldwater Ronald Reagan elected gov. of Cali, started Proposition 13, which would cut property taxes Funding for abortions through Medicaid was cut, Equal Rights amendment failed; gay rights suffered (Milk was killed!)

Evangelical Protestants Mobilize:
Evangelical Protestants were conservative, emphasized morality, conversions. Methodists/Congregationalists lost members Falwall’s Moral Majority was a religious conservative group; Engle v. Vitale banned prayer in public schools

A Changing Economy:
Inflation, oil embargos, doubled prices, deindustrialization (hurting industry), less farms/more farm production Imports exceeded exports for the first time (trade deficit) in 1971; unionism weakened as industrial jobs were lost

The Two Worlds of Black America:...
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