Chapter 27 Review

Topics: Russian Empire, Crimean War, British Empire Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Anthony Taylor

Chapter 27 Review
1: Russian society between 1815 and 1860 was full of reforms and a shifting government, all which led up to Alexander II who was responsible for many reforms. 2: The peasant problem in Russia was when Russia needed people to work in factories so they abolished serfdom and put people to work. 3: They emancipated their serfs so they had workers to work in factories so they could industrialize. It worked eventually but it took much longer than Japan, even though Japan was further behind. 4: Alexander II’s reforms included abolishing serfdom, improving law codes, establishing local political councils, increased military recruitment, and military promotions based off merit. Also women gained a higher education and had more job opportunities as a result. 5: Russia began Industrialization by abolishing serfdom and using the peasants as a workforce to work in the factories to produce new technology. It only changed economics in society because the former serfs were still treated like serfs. 6: Anarchists and Conservatives arose in Russia and both were unhappy with the pace of change occurring in Russia. Anarchists wanted to abolish the government and the Conservatives wanted to reform more quickly. 7: In 1905 a revolt was caused by the loss of the Russo-Japanese war. The Tsar tried to calm the people by reforming but eventually took away rights and the reforms fell apart. 8: The loss to Japan helped the Eastern nations gain independence when Russia again returned to the Ottomans. They flourished in the arts and had a good economy. 9: Even though Japan was still semi-feudal, they had a better education system than anyone, save for the Europeans, and they weren't influenced by Europeans or China even though they haven't industrialized. 10: Matthew Perry, and American, forced Japan to open its port by sailing in a fleet of warships and this caused Japan to quickly industrialize. 11: Because when China was threatened by the...
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