Chapter 1New-Tech Interview

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Assignment: Chapter 1

NewTech Interview
1.The four organizational Levels of a typical business includes Top manager, which develops long-range plans and defines the company’s overall mission and goals. The second one is Middle Managers and Knowledge workers, the middle managers provide direction, resources, and feedback to supervisors and team leaders. The knowledge workers would include systems analysts, programmers, accountants, researchers, trainers, and human resources. The third on the list is Supervisors and Team Leaders, supervisors, often called leaders, oversee operational employee and carry out day-to-day functions. The fourth, but not least on the list is Operational Employees, which include users who rely on TP systems to enter and receive data they need to perform their jobs.

2.Many retail stores now include e-commerce of some sort. The first on the list is BestBuy, they offer both web-based and in-store purchases of Technology, which includes Televisions, mobile devices, video games, and home appliances. The Second one is Walmart, Walmart offers a great exclusive value online and in-store. They mostly sell food related and small house appliances in both online and in-store. The third is GameStop, which has a small in-store locations, but has both in-store and online retail. Out of all three I one I like the best would be BestBuy because it displays many of its electrical devices in its store and it makes it easy as customer to see and feel the brand.

3.An Empowerment is a trend that places more responsibility and accountability throughout all levels of an organization. The book points out that many companies find that empowerment improves employee motivation and increases customer satisfaction. Some examples may include job duties, where the experienced employee would be able to alter some responsibility to improve the company. Another example is BestBuy, it empowers its staff by signing up for a system called Twelpforce and it...
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