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Chapter 10 Ap Environmental Science Notes

By adamgholdridge Dec 16, 2012 352 Words
Chapter 10 Reading Notes
Sustaining Terrestrial Biodiversity:  The ecological Approach Miller: Living in the Environment
I.        Reintroducing Wolves to Yellowstone
a.               they have died off and have gone extinct. b.                   they were located in the forests and they have been extinct. c.                 they were the head of the food chain and becausethey are gone, everytihgn is different. d.                 there have been many problems because of this. e.                   there has been many problems in the ecosystem. II.     Human Impacts on Terrestrial Biodiversity

a.                   Effects of Human Activities on Global Biodiversity                                                                      i.there are many effects of the biodiversity in the ecosystems.                                                                    ii.there have been many percentages thathave happened. b.                   Why should we care about biodiversity?                                                                      i.this is value of interest.                                                                    ii.there are many reasons.                                                            c.                   Types of Forests                                                                     there are forsets                                                            e.                   Case Study:  Deforestation and the Fuelwood Crisis                                                             has been eroded and many bad things have happened.                                                                    ii.we have to stop polluting the water and soill f.                    Harvesting Trees

                                                                     i.kills off life and h2o                                                           can only cut down a select few trees.                                                                   iii.there are many advantages and disadvantages                                                                  iv.cutting of a strip g.                   Solutions: Managing Forests More Sustainably                                                                      i.Identify 10 ways we can manage our forests more sustainably. IV.  Case Study:  Forest Resources and Management in the US                                                                      i.Describe the state of the US forests presently. b.                   Types and Effects of Forest Fires                                                                      i.List and describe the 3 types of forest fires.

VII.                        National Parks a.                   Global Outlook:  Threats to National Parks                                                                      i.eroding of land and water is polluted b.                   Case Study:  Stresses on US National parks                                                                      i.humans eroding the soil and killing animals.                                                                    ii.we can do many things. IX.   Ecological Restoration

a.                   Rehabilitating and Restoring Damaged Ecosystems                                                                      i.restoring the ecosystem                                                                    ii.we can speed it up in many ways                                                                   iii.ecological restoration is bad for the environment. b.                   yes it can.

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