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Case Studies

By aldarondo50 Oct 18, 2012 355 Words
Name: Nancy Jimenez
BCS 210 Case Study – Case 3 – My Heart is in my Stomach
This case is found in your textbook: Case Mysteries in Pathophysiology by Patricia Neafsey, page 19.

1. Mrs. V. is a 52 year old woman. She reported that her last period was 3 months ago but her pregnancy test was negative. Explain why the pregnancy test was done. 2. Evaluate her blood pressure and pulse rate.

3. Her history and evaluation states that she is having occasional PVC’s. What does that mean? 4. Why did she have a gap of 3 months on her periods when she is not pregnant? 5. The results of the X-Ray and CT scan show what disorder? 6. Mrs. V. needs to quit smoking. What damage is the smoking doing to her blood vessels? 7. What causes this disease/disorder?

8. How does this disease develop?
9. What are the treatment options for Mrs. V?
10. What are some of the complications of this disorder?
1. Because she is still having periods, and possibility of pregnancy. 2. Her BP is high, it’s 176/94, and the normal is around 120/80 so it shows signs of hypertension. Her pulse is high as well; due to the abdominal aorta also blood pressure is high due to this condition. 3. Peripheral vascular resistance is the force opposing the blood in the peripheral circulation. PVR increase as the diameter of the blood vessels decrease. 4. The abdominal aorta blockage, and HDL and hypertension 5. Enlargement of the abdominal aorta, the x-ray shows calcification on an enlarged section of her abdominal aorta. 6. Smoking weakens and vasoconstricts the blood vessels. Which would rupture? 7. It occurs when a section the aorta weakens and bulges out like a stretched balloon 8. Atherosclerosis from untreated high LDL cholesterol and hypertension 9. She must stop smoking and not lift anything heavy, if It gets larger surgery and a mesh stent may be implanted in the artery to stabilize it and prevent it from growing larger. However this procedure has a high risk of mortality. 10. A rupture (“dissected”)

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