Case Analysis

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Case Analysis Guidelines & Suggestions

Content: Your case write-up should focus on and answer all the key questions in the syllabus – do not omit any of the questions. The length limitation on this paper is short, so please jump right into answering the questions. There is no need to summarize your points in the beginning or to review what happens in the case. You must use your own judgment as to which questions need more space than others, however, remember that all claims or recommendations must be backed up by strong and rigorous analysis. Focus on analysis. A strong analysis will incorporate the concepts and materials from the class. You may include outside materials (e.g. books) in your analyses, but please be mindful of the quality of your sources especially online sources. As you are incorporating different sources, please cite so that I can see what information you are using. Remember that all claims or recommendations must be well supported. The case analysis preparation pointers (below) should be helpful.

Format: Papers must be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins all around, in 12-point font. Include a title page with your name(s) on it and a bibliography. The text of your paper must NOT exceed 4 pages, excluding the bibliography, title page, charts, graphs, or appendices you decide to include. Please note that only the title page and bibliography are required none of the others are necessary. Be sure to write your case analysis in prose (no bullet points).

Evaluation: Your case analysis will be graded for the following:

• Formatting
o Following the required format
o Including all the required components
• Quality of analysis
o Demonstrating a knowledge of the key issues and facts within the case o Using appropriate materials (e.g. class lecture notes, course readings, outside readings) to support your analysis and conclusions o Using evidence from the case to support your conclusions o...
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