​​Caroline Cobbaert

Topics: Family, Mother Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: April 4, 2013
​​Caroline Cobbaert

A Hero

Swami’s relationship with his father is very different than the one he has to his grandmother. Swami’s father wants him to grow up and learn how to act “like a man” because he probably doesn’t want his son to grow up under the same conditions like he did. His father wants him to start acting like his age and doesn’t want the grandmother to spoil him all the time. From the point of view of the father, Swami shouldn’t be sleeping next to his grandmother anymore and should start sleeping alone. Swami has a very good relationship to his grandmother, which always protects him from his father and spoils him all the time. However, Swami’s mother doesn’t want to be too involved into the situation and thinks that he’s treated like a little child by the grandmother. The mother wants Swami’s father to confront the grandmother and has to a certain extent the same thoughts about Swami and his grandmother, like the father. Swami’s mother doesn’t want to be involved into the father’s decisions because at the end the grandmother has the last word, which is one can predict from this quote, “ If you mean that your mother is spoiling him, tell her so; and don’t look at me.” The mother can’t compete against the grandmother and doesn’t have such a great impact on her husband. However the father has his own mind and does whatever he pleases. The only person who can persuade or change his mind about something is his own mother. In this story “A Hero” written by R. K. Narayan, he creates a structure, where tension throughout the story rises more and more towards the ending. The author uses comparison to make it easier to the reader to imagine the situation for example, in lines 49 to 50 “He looked like an apparition in the semi-darkness of the passage.” By this a “horror story” atmosphere is created by the use of this comparison to emphasise Swami’s fears. In this story the fears of a little boy are portrayed and how the education of a parent can...
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