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career choosing

By daisy1224 May 19, 2014 376 Words
Career Choosing
Career choosing can be by far one of the hardest decisions during the college life one make possibly make. Picking classes and being interested in them is a very important thing to do as well. However in many colleges students do not know what exactly it is that they want to major in. or what it consist of. Firstly, I believe that taking a course involving seeking careers and the aspects that come within can be very helpful. You can get the big picture of the Careers that are out there, and actually it can make a huge difference. Also, getting involved with clubs such as EOPS (Extended opportunities program) that helps with personal counseling, book assistance and priority registration. Also there is Puente club which is a club that helps students with guidance with college life, taking them on field trips and finding themselves and what they want to pursue in life. Seeking for help being a part of career fairs that school offer is also big. Getting familiar with school around the area or going out to visit campuses that perhaps later you would like to go to. Finding out what different colleges have to offer for and the careers they have the most success rates. Being undecided and clueless on what your career you want to major in can be overwhelming at some point. Getting guidance from a class or clubs sometimes may not be enough so therefore you can set up appointments with counselor in and outside of school that can assist you. Every individual is different and the needs are different amongst each other. Every person depending on major may take fewer classes some more but how you go about in getting assistance all makes a difference. Any mistakes all catch up so it’s best to learn from them and try better next time than to not do anything at all. Career choosing should be done after you seeking for guidance. Sharing ideas asking for help, visiting different campuses searching majors will not be as overwhelming and stressful when you get solutions for the problems. Choosing wisely a career from the beginning will set you on the right tract but if not its possible to change it later.

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