Career Choice Essay Example

Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Career Choice

Ever since I was a child I always put other people before myself. It was just in my nature and the way I was raised led to that selfless act. Personally it makes me feel better if I know that someone else is going okay before I could even think to access myself. It was in the sixth grade when I was contemplating what I should be when I grow up when my mother suggested occupational therapy. My first reaction was: what is occupational therapy? I had never heard of that profession before so then I did my research. After many hours on the computer it was made clear to me that this is going to be my career. Therefore the many aspects of the job sparked an interest in me that cause me to choose occupational therapy to be my major.

After my mother suggested occupational therapy and I did all my research I went into depth as to why it was the right choice for me. That became clear when one of my family members asked me, what is it about occupational therapy that stuck out for you? The explanation that was given was that personally I do not want an average behind the desk repetitive job. To work to my fullest potential I need a job where I will never know what tomorrow will bring me, that always have a change of scenery, and one where I really get to know the people that I am working with to help them better their life. My response led to my full attention to my upcoming career of occupational therapy.

In the late years of high school the teachers and counselors really get on the students backs to start researching and applying to schools. Therefore I searched and searched for colleges that are the most compatible for my personally, social, and educational needs. I was determined to find the college that met my needs, located in an area I want to be, and is recognized for its fine education. With struggling to find that perfect match I received an acceptance letter from a College to study to get a bachelors degree in exercise science and then...
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