Care home Failures

Topics: Abuse, Neglect, Sociology Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: October 22, 2014
There was a recent report from Parklands care home in Rochdale, which revealed the home failed seven of the 10 standards of care required. There were found to be several failures by the care staff that resulted in neglect and possible physical abuse. A report found that there were “Floors and toilets stained with faeces” this creates a poor environmental condition which could fall into two sections of the seven main categories of abuse. Due to the poor living conditions this could either be classed as neglect or institutional abuse, as Institutional abuse is the mistreatment of people brought about by poor or inadequate care or support, or systematic poor practice that affects the whole care setting. The report also found that a resident was claimed to have received injuries after having a fall, but an accident report was never filed. The lack of the proper reports of the incident being in place suggests a poor practice which could lead to people taking advantage of this lapse in administration and the residents. The other likelihood is that there are actual cases of physical abuse going on in the home which are being referred to as ‘accidents’ due to there apparently being no proper reports procedure in place. The home was also accused of not vetting their staff properly and apparently ignoring family concerns. This is poor practice which can lead to abuse. Overall the home appears to have no safeguarding procedures in place in order to protect their residents or indeed their carers, as without these procedures some carers may end up being held accountable for things that are not their fault.

Another report on a social worker in Hounslow, has revealed a serious failure to protect their service users from financial abuse. The report found that the was one incident where a social worker did not report a service users accusation of theft by a care worker until a week after the incident, and several other incidents where the same social worker failed to report...
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