Canadian Identity Essay Example

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When a question such as "What is Canadian identity?" is brought about, most people would say the term refers to the set of symbols and characteristics that most Canadians deem as expressing our unique place and role in the world, such as the maple leaf. Although, in my personal opinion when the question "What is Canadian identity?" is asked, not only do the symbols and characteristics that represent our Country come to mind, but much, much more.

First and foremost, a nations identity is an extremely hard thing to distinguish because it includes such a large population spanning over a very big area. Canada's identity is even more unclear because Canadians are less outspoken about their identity than some countries might be, like the us for example. The pride of Canadians is not as highly promoted as the United States of America, but the strong voice of Canada can be heard. Within these compositions are many different views containing various beliefs related to Canadian identity, yet, they all seem to include the same similarities. Over the battle about Canadian identity the main subjects have been Canada's firm grasp on its heritage, our extremely multicultural society and our extremely diverse landscape.

Canada is a very diverse country and its identity can be related to the fact that we strongly promote and encourage multiculturalism and diversity. Within Canada there are many different cultures and languages, for example, you can drive a few hours to Moncton in which most people speak French, or you can travel north where you can find many Aboriginal and Inuit people. Even here, in our small town we have many people residing that speak Romanian and practice their culture. This makes Canada very unique, because in most countries they encourage everybody to be one big society, all of the same culture and language.

Hockey has long been a significant part of Canada's national identity. Not only does hockey serve as sport, but something that bring...
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