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Community and Family Studies|
Groups in Context
HSC Core Topic|

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Identifying groups with specific needs
* Identify special characteristics of each group in order to justify why each should be considered a unique entity * Describe people who belong to different groups within society by: * Identifying the needs of the people in these groups

* Evaluating the access of these groups in resources
-Sexual orientation towards same sex
-Need more acceptance and support because they feel isolated -Health needs of HIV/AIDS
-Discriminated against
-Socially isolated
-Low self esteem
-Poor identity and self image

Access to Services
-Health support that promotes sexual protection, physical and mental health: AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) -media that informs about gay-friendly events and services: Sydney Star Observer Gay and Lesbiane Rights Lobby Group is a support group that helps them access resources equitably, fights for their rights and anti-discrimination Twenty10: social organisation for them to raise self-esteem and network with others, and cope with societys stereotypical attitudes. Targets the youth.

-Need education about sexuality & safe sex. Hard to access this. -Have to educate public about them to reduce homophobia.

-Employment: need protection from discrimination, the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977

Financial Support: don't become parents so generally have better socio-economic status. Law still recognises them as a couple so they stil get the same certain legal rights financially.

-need education about sexual health to avoid getting HIV/AIDS. Fear of underaged gay sex (under 18) limits their access to medical attention, -Problems of substance and alcohol abuse, higher suicide rates, depression due to rejection and discrimination -Need to find safe housing in area without discrimination & harassment. -Need safety and security without gay hate, emotional or physical violence.

People's homophobic attitudes damages self-esteem and sense of self worth. E.g. religions that promote gay hate. Gays feel rejected from church communities. -Need to adjust to their sexual sense of identity.

-Can feel isolate because it's different.
-Cultural and bias perception of gay culture can make them self-reject or homophobic. Confused, in denial and despair. Understanding from people is important.

Age: young people might not know resources available. So they get confused, lonely, frustrated. Very scared of rejection, so they keep it a secret and completely limits their access to resources. -Young people facing discrimination and bullying at school can complain to the Anti-Discrimination Board, or is facing discrimination from the school they can report to Department of Education and Training -Most disability services only deal with disability, except for the Rainbow Support Group thats gives support to developmental disabled who are gay.

Education about their sexuality, support groups, safe sex practuces enhance the access to services and wellbeing. Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) gives help and info to keep family and friends close to their homosexual people.

Ethnic and cultural beliefs limits their access to services if their religion doesn't accept homosexuality, they feel ashamed. Have to hide it. Beit el Hob is a Middle Eastern gay support group.

Gender: gay males have more obvious stereotypical characteristics and suffer more discrimination. Limits access to services and makes them need it more, especially medicaly if they get gay-hatred fueled violence. Females are getting more socially accepted, aren't as obvious so get more access to services.

Location: services mostly in city, rural gays find it harder. Still able to access over phone/internet.
-More scared of inexperienced or homophobic health care professionals, limits access to health services. Also not comfortable comming...
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