Cadbury`S World Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Chocolate, Target market Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Segmentation of the Cadbury’s World target market is based not only on age, but also on social, economic, demographic and psychological factors. Using data from the Target Market Profile Sheet and looking at the lifestage segmentation it can be concluded that Full Nesters are more likely to visit Cadbury World because of children’s attractions. Also, the consumers’ activities, interests and opinions are a very important factor in defining this venue’s target market. On studying the Profile Sheet it can be seen that people who enjoy recreation and visiting educational as well as entertaining new venues or family activities like going to museums or theme parks would probably consider this particular venue. Therefore, the main target market for Cadbury World is families with children but also tourists, couples with no children and students. (134) A2

What makes Cadbury World unique is not only being the only chocolate factory in the UK but also because of its range of activities that are provided within the tour of the venue. In comparison with the National Sea Life Centre, another tourist attraction in the same field, the venue offers its visitors the opportunity to explore and discover the history of chocolate, learn about the origins and story of the Cadbury business - one of the world's largest confectionery manufacturers and see how their favourite chocolate is made. During this tour, visitors can write their names using fresh liquid chocolate and also taste free chocolate samples that the staff offer. Therefore, the chocolate smell, the various sets that make the tour seem like a journey and the fun atmosphere of the various sets presented created especially for children make Cadbury World’s visitors want to return. (139) A3

The most suitable area that Cadbury World should use to promote its product is the “Above the line” Media. Two of the most appropriate mediums would be television and magazines because they can both reach the main target...
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