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Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Crime Pages: 5 (2263 words) Published: December 3, 2014
1. Assess the contribution of postmodernism to sociologists understanding of crime and deviance in today’s society (21 marks) Some sociologists believe that we now live in a post-modern society that has a distinct set of characteristics in comparison to modern society. This essay will discuss the changes that have taken place in postmodern society and how this impacts upon our understanding of crime and deviance. Some of the characteristics of post-modern societies are.... What are some of the characteristics of postmodern society?

One of the key changes in post modern society is the collapse of the meta narratives. How has this influenced our understanding of the causes of crime?

One other change in post –modern society is our understanding of what crime is has had to change. How has our conception of what crime is has changed?

One key post-modernist thinker is Foucault, his work on social control and surveillance seems really important to our understanding of post-modernism and crime. What has Foucault say about surveillance and crime and how is it relevant to today’s society?

Other sociologists have suggested one of the key features of post-modern society is globalisation. How has globalisation contributed to our understanding of crime?

Post modern theories of crime are useful because
What are the strengths of postmodernist theories?

However, other sociologists have suggested postmodern theories of crime are limited because. What are the weaknesses of post modernist theories?

Many sociologists believe that society has not entered a post-modern stage. Therefore, many modernist theories of crime and deviance may be useful in understanding crime and deviance. Describe one modernist theory of crime (e.g. Marxism) and explain what type of crime it is still useful in explaining today.


Some sociologists believe that state crime is the most serious form of crime while other sociologists will disagree and suggest things like green crime, corporate crime and street crime are more serious. This essay will examine these points of view. State crime can be defined as

How can state crime be defined? What different form does state crime take with and example for each?

Some sociologist suggests that state crime is serious for the following reasons. Why is state crime the most serious form of crime?
One problem with state crime is that it is hard to define one way around this is to define it as violation of human rights. What are human rights and why is using this definition problematic

Some sociologists have tried to explain how the state justifies its crimes again this shows how serious it is as a problem. How to Cohen and Kelman explain the occurrence of state crime?

Other sociologists have suggested one of the key features of post-modern society is globalisation. How has globalisation contributed to our understanding of crime?

Other sociologists reject the view that stat crime is the most serious form of crime and would suggest that green crime is more serious. What is green crime? What are examples of primary and secondary green crimes?

Why is green crime important to study? (strengths)

Some sociologists reject the views of green criminologists.
How has green crime been criticised?

Some sociologists suggest that corporate and white collar crimes are even more serious that state crime. Describe an example of corporate crime.

Why is it important to study corporate crime?

How has the study of white collar crime and corporate crime been criticised?


2. ‘State crime is the most serious form of crime.’ Using sociological arguments and evidence assess the above statement. 21 marks 3. Assess sociological perspectives on crime reduction strategies. (21 marks) Different sociologists take very different approaches in their understanding of crime reduction and its effectiveness this...
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