C & C Grocery

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Case 1 (C & C Grocery)

The mission statement for C & C Grocery is to provide an abundance of quality meats, produce and dry goods to customers at a convenient location for the most reasonable prices around with a smile and “a satisfied customer is a happy customer” attitude. This statement would afford the brothers the chance to branch out to other communities and open more stores and ensure they are as successful as the original store. By having over 200 stores by 1997 and with the employees adopting Doug’s infectious attitude it prove to be a successful combination for the brothers.

1) The original structure of C & C Grocery is excellent for one to five stores. The original structure of the C & C Grocery stores has caused a disconnection between the store managers, and the perishable managers (meat and produce managers). The meat and produce managers report directly to the district managers of their prospective departments. However, the store managers are responsible for the daily operations of the entire store. This disconnect in itself is a major disruption in productivity. The District Director was the only person in the work breakdown structure that knew what was going on in his district within all sections of every store. When only one person knows all aspects of an operation it becomes difficult for that operation to function as a whole in the absence of that individual. By adopting the realign outlined by the consultants it would allow the store managers more control of the store. This would allow the store mangers the ability to coordinate activities within their store and allows flexibility to make decisions that would enable the store to run more effectively.

3) Porter’s focus strategy and Miles and Snow’s analyzer best describes the role of consultant. Porter’s focus strategies more exactly the differentiations focus strategy. As the consultants analyze the different areas they make suggestions for improvements. As the consultant...
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