C++ Code Structure

Topics: Programming language, Adobe Flash, Computer program Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: August 24, 2013
C++ Code Structure and Algorithm Simulator

Engr. Ben L. Saminiano
Bicol University Polangui Campus
Polangui, Albay, Philippines


The study was mainly intended to develop a C++ Code Structure and Algorithm Simulator that will be used as a supplementary material in teaching computer programming in C++ language, being the vital programming language used in the industry and academe today. Specifically, it answered the following questions: (1) What C++ Code Structure and Algorithm Simulator can be developed? (2) What is the perception of the respondents on the functionality of the simulator? (3) What is the level of acceptability of the simulator? and (4) Is there significant difference in the level of acceptability of the simulator between the students and instructors? The developmental research was used by the researcher in developing the simulator guided by the phases of Rapid Application Development. The Adobe Flash CS3, ActionScript and Adobe Photoshop were utilized in the construction of the system. The developed simulator contains discussions of the concepts of C++, sample programs and simulated problems. These inclusions were based from the course syllabus of the subject Introduction to Computer Science and guided by the CHED minimum requirements. After the study was developed, the researcher used the descriptive method to give descriptions and interpretations on how the simulator was developed and how the results of the statistical methods were applied. The results showed that the simulator was functional and strongly accepted by the students and instructors. Further, there is no significant difference between the acceptability of the students and instructors. Hence, the simulator, and the content and programming problems were comprehensible on the level of both students and instructors.


C++, Simulator, Computer-Aided Instruction, Programming,
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