C and C stores case study

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Airstar is a company which produces, refurbishes and renovates spare parts for previously owned aircrafts. Since the unexpected death of the founder a few years back it has been facing many challenges and unanticipated changes. One of the main challenges now facing Airstar is the intense competition from similar companies in the industry which offer analogous services such as General Electric and Pratt & Whitney. The company has always maintained a good reputation for its excellent quality, safety and customer service but due to globalization it feels it in now under siege. There is also a lack of responsiveness in the company which means that when they are faced with a problem a lot of time is wasted in communicating and reaching an adequate decision which makes everything chaotic and disorganized. Moreover, there seems to be a lack of ethics and social responsibility amongst the employees of Airstar. There have been many disagreements between the vice president and controller, and replication of work just to outfox each other and prove that their idea was better and more successful. Some employees have also refused to follow their job description which is making the work environment frenzied.

An open system is a system which continuously interacts with its surrounding environment. It must adapt to whatever situation they are faced with and cannot seal themselves off. Most successful companies function as an open system because it allows them to acquire the needed resources, adjust to outside threats, take advantage of opportunities and control the internal environment while maintaining a watchful eye on unexpected changes in the external environment. Airstar is an example of an open system because the company was attacked by unforeseen internal changes as well as outside threats from other competing companies. However, it adapted itself to these changes by trying to take advantage of any opportunities in the market by for example considering potential...
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