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Silence of the Bees:
• How do bees communicate? Bees communicate through dance (the waggle dance). A methodic combination of buzzing, moving the behind in a figure-eight fashion that informs other bees about pollen/ food that is found in a particular area. • Why are bees so important to the U.S. agriculture industry? Honeybees are the most important pollinator on the planet. They pollinate crops, which in turn creates food to eat. What percentage of the industry do bees account for? They account for one-third (more than 30%) of the food that is produced in America. They pollinate at least 100 of our most important crops (cotton, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.) • What are some natural dangers to the bee industry? Natural dangers to the bee industry would be natural disasters (wildfires, hurricanes, tornados), wild animals (mainly bears) • What is considered adequate pollination?

• What is CCD? Colony Collapse Disorder. This is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive/colony abruptly disappear. When did it become a noticeable problem? Winter 2006 is when the issue was noticed, but it wasn’t until the following spring that it was named CCD and was being researched heavily. • What are characteristics of CCD versus other hive disturbances/illnesses? The bees are completely vanishing, as opposed to a mite infestation where the bees would be crawling on the ground. Also, other insects leave infected hives untouched • What types of crops are affected by CCD? A lot of crops are affected, all the crops that are pollinated by bees! In the video, blueberries, oranges, apples, cantaloupes (travel 55 hundred miles per year). • Where do we get new bee colonies in the U.S. for industry use? We import bees from Australia. The Australian bees are the bees that could have potentially carried CCD to the US. • What are factors thought to possibly contribute to CCD? Pesticides (which impair bees ability to learn causing them to forget their way back to the hive), cell phones interfere with be navigation, mites, or a pathogen causing this rare occurrence are all factors that scientists have thought to contribute to CCD • If CCD continues, what would happen to the agricultural industry? Ultimately the agricultural business would die, food expenses would rise, unless we are willing to use hand pollination.

• What if any crops would be left? The crops pollinated by the environment (wind or rain) Examples are corn wheat, rooted crops (potatoes, carrots, etc.) • What is the approximate lifespan of worker bees? The approximate lifespan of a worker bee is 28-35 days • What sex are worker and drone bees? Worker bees are female (collect pollen and pollinate other flowers) and drone bees are male (sole purpose= mate with queen) • What is HFCS? High Fructose Corn Syrup

• According to the case study, what impact might HFCS have on CCD? If not stored properly, substances within HFCS will form HMF (hydroxymethlfurfural). • According to the article used in the case study, what major issues/concerns were addressed by the authors? The first issue is how commercial workers are storing the HFCS in transportation. Also, how the apples will get pollinated if the bees keep dying/disappearing. • What are the advantages to the commercial use of HFCS? It is easy to store if properly stored, stable shelf life (will hold for a long period of time), and cheap (because we have a lot of it; it is easy to find and purchase). It is used to sweeten foods.

• Which side of the worm did we cut into? We cut into the dorsal side of the worm (the back). The dorsal side of the worm was smooth and darker than the ventral side (the underside) • Know the purpose of all the organs we discussed.

Dorsal side is dark and feels smooth
Ventral side is lighter and has a rough feel caused by setae Setae - Bristles that aid in providing traction for movement Metameres are the body segments that are internally separated...
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