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AC3103: Accounting Analysis and Equity Valuation
2014-15 Semester 1

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Dr. JIAN Ming



Dr. TAN Mui Siang, Patricia
Adj A/P Eric TEO



AC2101 Accounting Recognition and Measurement

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Course Description and Scope
There are two parts to this course. Part I examines the roles of accounting, the implications of financial accounting for capital market efficiency, the current shift to the use of current values, and the implications of the use of current values on the usefulness of financial reporting. Part II focuses on identifying, assessing and applying information for the purposes of analysing and valuing business activities and entities. The course employs the agency framework within a capital market context to help students develop the necessary analysis and valuation skills. Cases and projects are used to help students integrate the accounting, capital market efficiency, business analysis and valuation concepts. Healthy scepticism is emphasized, as students are encouraged to challenge the assumptions and facts related to each issue. Course Learning Objectives

After the completion of this course, students should understand and appreciate some of the rationales and characteristics that underlie financial reporting and business practices. Students should also appreciate the myriad interactions among the process of business analysis and valuation, the use of information sets (accounting and non-accounting), and the workings of the capital markets. Students are expected to develop important knowledge, skills and attitudes in AC3103. The main objectives are to develop students’ (1) technical knowledge (as listed in the outline), (2) tolerance for ambiguity in a dynamic environment, (3) strategic thinking and leadership capabilities in a vibrant environment, (4) creative and critical thinking, and (5) social and interpersonal skills. Learning & Teaching Methods

Seminars will be the main mode of instruction for this course. There will be two seminars of two hours per week. Please see the course outline and take note of announcements on the NTULearn websites of this course. You will need to use computing facilities for some parts of this course. Most computing tasks will be required before or after classroom time. Classroom time will mainly be used for discussion purposes.

Academic Integrity
Good academic work depends on honesty and ethical behaviour. The quality of your work as a student relies on adhering to the principles of academic integrity and to the NTU Honour Code, a set of values shared by the whole university community. Truth, Trust and Justice are at the core of NTU’s shared values.

As a student, it is important that you recognize your responsibilities in understanding and applying the principles of academic integrity in all the work you do at NTU. Not knowing what is involved in maintaining academic integrity does not excuse academic dishonesty. You need to actively equip yourself with strategies to avoid all forms of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, academic fraud, collusion and cheating. If you are uncertain of the definitions of any of these terms, you should

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AC3103: Accounting Analysis and Equity Valuation
2014-15 Semester 1
go to the academic integrity website for more information. Consult your instructor(s) if you are in doubt.
Each student will receive an email from your instructor about the Declaration of Academic Integrity in the week starting from 25 August 2014 through the Message system in NTULearn. You must follow the instructions stated and reply the email by 1700, Friday, 29 August 2014. Please note that ALL your assignments (i.e., the In-class...

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