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Topics: Polynomial, Variables, Discrete signal Pages: 4 (502 words) Published: November 15, 2011
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|1. |If a variable has possible values –2, 6, and 17, then this variable is | |A) |both a continuous and a discrete variable | |B) |a continuous variable | |C) |neither a continuous nor a discrete variable | |D) |a discrete variable |

|2. |Based on the following graph, what conclusion could you make comparing how well students did on their statistics exam as a | | |function of how many hours they spent preparing for the exam? | | |[pic] | |A) |Hours spent preparing for an exam is a dependent variable. | |B) |There is no relationship between the number of hours spent preparing for the exam and the average grade. | |C) |There is a possible relationship between grades and time spent preparing for the exam. | |D) |Grades are independent of preparation time. |

|3. |If a researcher manipulates one of the variables and tries to determine how the manipulation influences other variables, the | | |researcher is conducting a(n) | |A) |manipulative study....
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