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5456 Universal Ave.
Cleveland, OH 76891
October 17, 1992
Blake & Associates offers numerous consulting and advisory services to primarily smaller businesses. It will specialize in advice on business planning. Inasmuch as this is an example of the very document on which it hopes others will ask their advice, it should serve to effectively highlight the general approach .








Blake & Associates provide several consulting and advisory services to the business community, with particular emphasis on small businesses of 25 to 175 employees. These services include: seminars and workshops on writing business plans, as well as complete business plan development and writing; financial analysis and balance sheet restructuring; business valuations for purchase, sale or buy/sell agreements; cash flow analysis; computer software and hardware analysis; installation and training; and workshops on upgrading computer hardware and software, among others. The company is currently a sole proprietorship with a small staff of specialized individuals who are well suited to providing our services to small to medium sized

companies and, in some instances, to the general public. In addition to the above mentioned services, we are creating video tapes on such subjects as business plan writing and upgrading a personal computer. The tapes will be sold through direct mail, magazine advertisements, and at our company sponsored workshop. Blake & Associates has an opportunity to fill a need in the business community and become profitable in its first year. A loan of $65,000 will be a sufficient operating account to start the business, along with approximately $17,000 in existing capital assets and grants.

The first year should see total revenues of just over $288,000 and a net after tax loss of ($6,143), or −2.13%. The second year, we anticipate revenues of just over $970,000 with profits of nearly $110,000. The third year, we estimate revenues will be nearly $1,950,000, with a profit of over $260,000. The high profit margin in the third year reflects the results of building the organization in the first two years and developing a demand for higher attendance at the seminars and workshops, as well as greater demand for the books and audio and video tapes.

In the first year, we will achieve revenues of approximately $290,000 while returning a net, after tax loss of ($6,143), or a 2.13% profit margin.
We are targeting growth of over 100% in the second year, based on the development of our strategic alliances and our access to the public and small businesses through our seminars and workshops. By focusing on the seminars and workshops, books, and video and audio tapes, we can increase revenues to over $1,900,000 by the third year and show a net after-tax profit of 13.7% or $266,183, on growth of nearly 30%. The key to growth and profitability is to develop the marketing of the seminars, workshops, and the tools (i.e. video tapes, audio tapes and booklets). We expect these services to provide as much as 50% of our total revenues in the first year and approximately 70% by the third year. Using the workshops and seminars as a marketing

vehicle for our services, we will see an increase in our consulting revenues and our seminar and workshop revenues.

To improve the performance and efficiency of small businesses and their chances of survival in a highly competitive, expanding, and unpredictable political and economic business environments.

Blake & Associates is a sole proprietorship, with a small staff of specialized individuals who are well suited to providing our services to small- and medium-sized companies and, in some instances, to the general public. Our services...
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