Business Moral

Topics: Ethics, Deontological ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: May 10, 2013

The author will discuss Ethics as it pertains to Business in today’s world. The author will explain can Business have moral ethics while defining different types of ethics. The author will support its argument with supporting definitions of types of ethics pertaining to her argument.

In today’s Business world the importance of standards and ethics is very important. However in most corporation or organizations the ethics is not what is important. The right thing to do would be treat your employees with in the standard of moral ethics. I personally believe you should treat your employees with respect just as you would customers. Although this does not occasionally take place more employers need to learn to treat their employees with the same regards as your customer. This may boost employee work ethics as well as profit. The point of the matter is ethics can exist in the Economic world, however organizations and corporations need to adhere to ethics or just plain courtesy would be nice.

In this day and age many Businesses have many different policy and procedures in place to complete or perform a certain job or duty. However, Business does not conduct itself as moral agents. The majority of Corporation uses Utilitarianism. This is the belief that regardless of the struggle or pain the outcome of a profit is more important. Corporations encourages Categorical imperatives. Categorical imperatives is the practices of if one person does what it takes then the other individuals should have the same mentality. Corporations tend to forget that people or employees are the same as CEO, COO, CFO, or as I call them the head of the business. Each individual have the right to Moral objectivism. Each individual has the right to Ethical Relativism. This is the right that certain actions are just wrong or right regardless of human opinion. In the medical field where I am...
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