Business Management Study Guide

Topics: Motivation, Big Five personality traits Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: October 1, 2014
CHAPTER ONE—ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR: study individuals/groups in orgs; characteristics, motivations, behviours & apply to help ppl work together. _applies scientific studies to real world problemsOUTSIDE FACTORS THAT IMPACT OB:.commitment to ethical behviour _only scientifically verified results .emphasis on human capitol/teamwork.demise of command/control _no ONE way to solve OB problems .influence of info technology.respect for new workplace expectations

.changing concepts of careers.concern for stability ORGANIZATIONS: people working toward common goals thru strategies and missions.
_open systems: human material resources into finished goods.
_internal and external stakeholders
MANAGERS: responsible for getting work done thru others. ACTIVITES: organizing, leading and controlling
ROLES: interpersonal, informational, and decisional
SKILLS: tech, human, conceptual, ethical.
CHAPTER TWO—CULTURE: shared values and attributes. POWER DISTANCE(differences), UNCERSTAINTY AVOIDANCE (risk preference), INDIVIDUAL-COLLECTIVISM (where is emphasis?), MASCULINITY-FEMINITY (preferred gender role), LONG/SHORT TERM ORIENTATION. VALUES: right vs. wrong; what ought to be; difficult to change.

BRUCE MEGLINO—workplace values: _achievement_helping/concern for others _honesty_fairness PERSONALITY: Nature (heredity) vs. nurture (environment); SELF CONCEPT esteem (worth) & efficacy (ability)

_BIG FIVE: extraversion, agreeableness/good-natured, conscientiousness/responsible, emotional stability, openness to experience
_social traits: problem-solving style
_personal conception traits: in/external locus, proactive personality, authortariamism/dogmanism, Machiavellianism, self-montioring
_emotional adjustment traits: type A vs. B
STRESS: Eustress vs Distress; can’t be avoided but hopefully eustress; job burnout _work stressors: task demands (asked too little/much), role conflicts (performance...
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