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Topics: Management, Manufacturing, Flowchart Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: April 17, 2014

Individual Assignment: January Semester 2014
RGF 0014: Fundamental of Business and Management

Name:Mohamad Azham Naim Bin Mohamad Azlan
Matrix no. :KLc1360042
Lecturer: Siti Aishah Binti Mat Hashim

Short Case Scenario - Understanding Production/Operations

Alan Jackson is the founder and owner of Sky Scooters, a small manufacturing company located in San Jose, California. For years, Alan toyed with ideas for a motorized scooter. Seeing the success of the Segway scooter, Alan decided to act. Although his design, the Sky Cruiser, is not as well known as the Segway, it incorporates many of the same benefits. Adding to its appeal, the Sky Cruiser sells for almost $1,000 less than the Segway. Virtually all Sky Cruisers are sold through direct appeals on the QVC shopping network. Overwhelmed by recent demand, Alan has hired his sister, Colette. Colette, a recent business school graduate, has suggested that Alan consider a just-in-time production system. Alan wonders if this would be in his best interest.

1) In what way(s), if any, will Alan Jackson need to also focus on service operations?
Alan dedicated his ideas through his successful business as scooter motor vehicle entrepreneur. Yet his products are not capable with customer’s mind. However, he still not far behind as the Sky Cruiser’ price is a bit quarrel to the Segway’s. By the way, establishing collaborations with advertisement company is wise move to get the product in the market. As the demand increase Alan should also put the product in his own store which is appealing for whoever to willing walk in. Through QVC shopping network is not enough to boost up the product, so with advertisement and his own store could attracted customer who wondering about the new product. This strategy would introduce the product through the world with much more effective and efficient. Plus, giving customer a good relationships such as explanation about the product and also giving them...
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