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Topics: High school, Wildlife, The Look Pages: 3 (631 words) Published: May 15, 2014
5627 45 Ave!
Connely AB T8R 1F7!
April 24 2014!


Mr Samuel Hayden!
Croston High School!
493 Center St!
Connely AB T8R 2L5!


Mr.Hayden :!
Being a student that will be attending Croston High this fall, I would like to say that by far from all the schools I have looked into Croston seems to be the most promising.Not only do you have a theatre, swimming pool, and a great sport program, but you also have all of these amazing options such as art,foods, forestry,and music.Personally they all sound like great activities, and I wish that I was able to do them all.!


So as you know I am writing this letter of request, for the options that I would like to take for my freshman year.As I said before they all sound and look great, from the school website they all look so entertaining, and the kids in the videos all seem to be having lots of fun.But I as the school only allows three options maximum, Im going to have to go with Mechanics, Wildlife, and Foods.These seem to be the most entertaining courses for me.Mechanics seems like such a fun course to take, after talking to other kids in the school, and looking on the school website, it seems that its not just putting nuts and blots together, but we are also putting computers back together, fixing bikes, and helping with other courses such as when the lighting breaks in the theatre, we would come help fix it.As for wildlife I think that would be such a down to earth course as it is more peaceful, you are able to go on long hiking and camping trips up to the rockies, and go swimming on lakes, bird watching, and so much more, it seems like a perfect course for me.Foods, man oh man you get to learn valuable life lessons, plus you get to enjoy a great treat nothing is better than that.!


Now I know that you get hundreds of kids saying telling you what courses they want in these letters, but I, Im going to convince you that I want these courses.For example, mechanics ever...
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