Bshs441 Week 4 Quiz

Topics: Foster care, Independent school, Private school Pages: 3 (1140 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Please pick 3 of the provided topics, your choice, and define AND provide a solid real-life example for each topic. Each question is worth (1) point total. It will be scored ½ point for your definition and ½ point for your example. Please post all completed quizzes to your Individual newsgroup. DUE THURSDAY!!! 1. Neutrality: State of being neutral, being unengaged between others, and taking no part in sides. Example, the mother of Tiffany had to remain neutral when deciding upon allowing her to go to her father’s house, the mother must keep her personal feelings from interfering with her decision. 2. Confidentiality: Privacy or secrecy, limited to the people authorized to use the documents or information. Example, the therapists must keep all information confidential as no topic is spoken upon outside of the room with the client. The client’s information is confidential, therefore sworn to be kept safe and private. 3. Advocacy: The influence of decisions affecting the interests of a person or persons. Advocacy is to help clients negotiate more effectively. Example, the health advocacy is promoting and supporting health care, in which the advocate supports the enhancement of health care, quality of health care, and the availability of health care to patients.  Discuss the benefit of the BATNA approach when dealing with a powerful negotiator or a strong personality, such as an agency administrator of the client themselves (2 pts). Since BATNA means the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement the benefit to this approach is that BATNA gives the client an alternate plan when things start to get out of control. The BATNA approach can also benefit a client as he or she can use it to their advantage and be able to walk away from the negotiator. If the BATNA is strong then the bargaining power is stronger. If your BATNA is strong then the agency will be more willing to negotiate. Agencies like to avoid court, which benefits the person because the person can use the...
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