Bourdon Gage

Topics: Kilogram, Pressure, Atmospheric pressure Pages: 3 (448 words) Published: October 20, 2012
"fluid mechanics lab"

Experiment number "1"
(bourdon gauge apparatus)

Report date: 20/2/2011

Delivered date:27/2/2011

Submitted by: Eyyass Bassam Hamdan

Major: mechanical engineering

Student number: 30815150521

To Doctor : Abd-el hadi

Lecture time: Sunday, 8-11

In this experiment we are going to measure the pressure of gage and absolute by using a dead weight device which it use bourdon tube to measure the pressure.

We are going to explain the way of this experiment :
1- Bring the dead weight device and take the data's about the device as radius and pressure when no weight is applied . 2- Start putting the loads on the device starting it with 0.5 kg and increasing linearly by 0.5 kg for each step until reach 3 kg . 3- Begin taking readings from the pressure gage reader of the bourdon tube which its by bar . 4- Tabulate the data in a tablet and draw graph.

Results and discussion:
The given data it's taken in advance :
W free= 1kg , d=2 cm , R=1 cm , A=0.000314159 m2, and the reads are in the tablet below : error٪| error| P cal (bar)| Pavg (bar)| P-(bar)| P+ ( bar)| M(kg)| 0.04167| -0.013| 0.312| 0.325| 0.33| 0.32| 1|

0.00427| -0.002| 0.468| 0.47| 0.5| 0.44| 1.5|
0.038462| 0.024| 0.624| 0.6| 0.6| 0.6| 2|
0.01282| -0.01| 0.78| 0.79| 0.8| 0.78| 2.5|
0.05769| -0.054| 0.936| 0.99| 0.99| 0.99| 3|

From data's above we can see that by increasing the load the pressure will increase linearly.
Now we will see the graph which it describe the relation between the P cal and
Pavg (bar) , the graph is below :-

now from the graph above we can see that the y axe is considered as Pcal and the x axe is considered as P avg .

As seen above we found that by increasing the loads in the piston of the device the pressure will increase , and by increasing the calibration pressure the average pressure will...
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