Blade Runner Essay Example

Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Blade Runner Essay

Blade Runner Is a CyberPunk Science Fiction Movie Filmed and Directed by Acclaimed Director Ridley Scott in 1982. The film depicts a dystopia society of the future in which man has reached the level of technological supremacy where his exact copy can be engineered. These “Replicants” have superior Strength, Speed, Agility and at least equal intelligence to their creators. A fail safe device in the form of an incept date; the replicants only have four years in which they can live. The narrative follows Deckard (Harrison Ford) who is a Blade Runner, and a Blade Runners job is to Retire (kill) Replicants. A group of Replicants have escaped from an off-world and travelled back to earth. This group is represented cleverly, allowing the Human viewer to feel strong empathy towards the group of desperate robots who display basic human instincts, and only want to live longer. When we see robots that are exactly alike to Humans, the Human viewer can understand that desperation for life. It is with this creation of Empathy that the serious question is asked, “What makes us Human?” The Backdrop of a dystopia society (L.A., 2019) the actual humans appear to be Lonely, Dirty, sad and unsympathetic. The Replicates of these people display the Human traits that we regard ourselves with; they show Empathy, Compassion, love and desperation to live. Looking at the various film Conventions, we can see and understand the portrayal of these Replicants by Scott.

In Visual Texts, the written Conventions are extremely important in anchoring the directors preferred meaning, and guiding the narrative. Especially with the misunderstood film Blade Runner, the opening sentences are extremely important in introducing the story and setting the viewer up for the revaluations they will make. The words creeping onto the screen explain how Tyrell Corporation advanced Robots into Beings “Virtually identical to a human” known as Replicants. These superior Robots are...
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