Topics: Brand, Factor analysis, Regression analysis Pages: 16 (2558 words) Published: April 16, 2014
2010 EABR & ETLC Conference Proceedings

Dublin, Ireland

Consumers’ Purchase Intentions for Foreign
Products: An Empirical Research Study in
Istanbul, Turkey
Elif Akagun Ergin, Cankaya University, Turkey
Handan Ozdemir Akbay, Cankaya University, Turkey

Consumers in developing countries seem to possess an increasing demand for the purchase of foreign products. Turkey is a magnet for multinational corporations that view the country as a must-win market. It has become important to determine the underlying intentions that drive the purchase decisions for foreign products in the Turkish market. The purpose of this study is to contribute to the literature by examining the purchase intentions of urban, Turkish consumers for foreign products in three specific categories (apparel, chocolate and personal care products). These categories were selected by taking their applicability to urban consumers into consideration. A field study was carried out at three major shopping malls in Istanbul, with the participation of 600 urban, Turkish consumers. Surveys, consisting of 3 parts and a total of 50 questions, have been used to gather data. In the first part, the subjects were asked about the factors that affect their purchasing motives. The top five factors were reported as perceived brand prestige, quality, value, purchase intention, and influence of others. In the second part, questions were asked regarding the subject’s reactions about foreign brands according to the determined categories. Finally in the third part, the participants were asked about their demographics and other personal factors. The empirical evidence provides insights into the significance of impact of product category, perceived brand prestige, perceived brand quality and influence of others. The results of the multi-linear regression analysis are reported along with significant implications for marketing managers.

Keywords: consumer perceptions, brand quality, brand value, brand prestige, foreign products.

In the recent years, competition among brands has become more complicated as the number of foreign brands increase. As a result, many foreign brands compete with older local brands, and this is more prevalent in developing markets such as Turkey. Consumers in developing markets possess various intentions for purchasing foreign products. Research into the underlying psychological reasons that drive their purchase decisions is of significant importance, as this can help marketers understand why consumers in developing countries choose to purchase foreign products. Additional insight into consumers’ purchasing intentions can help support and enhance the strategic positioning of the foreign products. Although research on foreign brands have been widely noted in the literature (Bearden and Etzel 1982; Yip 1995), there is still a lack of research on consumers’ purchasing motives for foreign brands across different product categories as well as various individual difference variables (Steenkamp, Batra, and Alden 2002).

To contribute to the relevant literature, this study examines consumers’purchasing intentions for three categories of foreign products. These categories include apparel, chocolate and personal care products.


2010 EABR & ETLC Conference Proceedings
Research Hypotheses

Dublin, Ireland

A primary factor believed to have an influence over the purchase intention for foreign products is perceived quality. The construct of perceived quality is defined as a consumer’s evaluation of a brand’s overall excellence based on intrinsic (e.g., performance, durability) and extrinsic cues (e.g., brand name, service) (Kirmani and Baumgartner 2000). These assessments of quality are similar to attitudinal judgments, and consumers depend on how effectively a specific brand satisfies internal quality standards in their assessment of a brand’s overall excellence with regards to their consumption experience. Specifically,...
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