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Case Study 3: Cell stucture and function
Background Information: what are the major feature of eukaryotic cells? In this case study, you will apply your knowledge regarding the function of cell structures. Metabolic disorders and unique characteristics of some cells will be used to illustrate the importance of individual structures.

Pick 5 out the following 7 small case studies. Each one focuses on one cell component. For each cell component, answer the following questions and also any questions presented in each study: a. What is the structure of the cell component referred to in your case study? Be as specific as possible. b.Where is it located in the cell?

c.Is it found in plants/animals/bacterial cells?
d.What is its normal function in the cell?
At the end of each study, there is an internet link where you can find additional information. 1
Erythrocytes (red blood cells) have no nucleus, mitochondria, or other organelles at maturity. These organelles are ejected when the RBC enters the bloodstream, or shortly thereafter. Should this still be considered a cell? What will be the effect of having no nucleus? In these cells, the lack of mitochondria is an advantage. Why? Here is more information about red blood cells:

a. The structure is, it has no nucleus, the cytoplasm contains mostly hemoglobin molecules. b. Erythrocytes are located in blood vessels and come from bone marrow. c. RBC is found in animal cells

d. They transport oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body.

I don’t think that this should still be considered a cell. There will be no effect of not having a nucleus because RBC does not have a nucleus. The lack of mitochondria is an advantage because it is not using oxygen attached to the cell. 2

Pompe’s disease is one of a class of lysosomal storage diseases in which one or more enzymes that are normally found in the lysosomes...
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