Belonging Essay Example

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Belonging essay
Belonging is a path to knowledge and through it we gain a sense of our identity and concept of self. Family connections and relationship to the context, we form our sense of self. In “Rainbow’s End”, “We look after our own” and “Rabbit Proof Fence”, we see both belonging and alienation result from acceptance.
In “Rainbow’s End”, a sense of belonging is depicted through the Dear family in which the protagonist Dolly despite the conflicting issues with her mother, Dolly rejects Errol’s proposal as he offers her a new life by taking her away from the family. “Dolly understands her identity is also shown when she is asked to list out her family members in a family tree. Nan Dear states that “you need to know who your cousins are, so you don’t marry ‘em”. Errol’s disbelief that “you, you’d rather live in a humpy”, is also the audience’s misconception, but places importance on our understanding of herself and the world around their life. A sense of belonging is conveyed in ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ as the physical hardship of the journey begins to tell. The obstacles of the journey, with the symbolic landscape, are juxtaposed with the innocence of Molly slowly carrying Daisy and the police car speeding on smooth terrain. It is Mr Neville’s belief that “their lives may be at stake”, and he seems concerned yet the girls wrong turn west has saved them. The shot of Moodoo looking at the ground where Molly tried to throw him off the trail, then giving a tiny smile, tells the audience that they have escaped from the white domination/capture. His sense of belonging, especially to the Aboriginal culture is affirmed.
In Rainbow’s End, Errol asks Dolly to “leave the river” (pg171) and go to Brighton for a “better life” (pg 171). Errol explains that he is offering a “future” to which Dolly replied that “a real home is where there are people looking out for each other.” Her repetition “Don’t matter if the floors are dirt. Don’t matter one bit,” conveys her desire not

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