Being Immersed Into Virtual Worlds

Topics: Virtual reality, Video game controversy, Reality Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Being Immersed in Virtual Worlds

Being immersed in virtual worlds is a very appealing topic to me and often times I, myself and others dive into those kind of things many, many times especially with the increase in technology over the last few decades. The focus of this essay will answer specific discussions such as the impact of humanity that indulge in the artificial, virtual world by video games, movies, media and many other technologies. In addition to that, I will write about why I consider it to be a leisure time as well as the uses of all these virtual reality in the future. First of all, the technology involved in artificial, virtual world is all fantasy and has nothing to do with the real world. The problem is, some people don’t know the difference and take it out in real life as if it’s a game to them. The social implications of violent video games are often conflicted because some researchers, who are anti-violence towards video games, say that the majority of the people who play these games are more aggressive, addictive and so involved in it, they do things unpredictable, thus they are the ones who cause school shootings, crimes, etc. True to say, this is not the case because obviously everyone who play video games reacts to it differently such as myself. Even more so, I’ve been playing video games for many years since I was a child and have had no psychological effects from the games. I clearly know right and wrong, fantasy from reality. How do I know this? I was taught well by my parents and as well as ventured out in the real world. There’s also something called being pro-social, which means caring about the welfare and rights of others’ life and not put their games as a priority. Well, in some cases, violent video games do promote pro-social behavior which is a positive thing as they do not think about themselves and their leisure time only. This goes for all action and violence involved within movies and the media too. Being immersed into...
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