Basic Entrepreneurship

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: January 14, 2013

TIME:2.30 – 4.00 PM
Important Instructions:
1) This paper contains THREE (3) Sections on SIX (6) printed pages, including the cover. 2) Answer ALL questions in Section A, B & C. All answers should be written in the designated answer sheet 3) Any misconduct during the examination will lead to a disqualification and a mark 0 will be entered 4) This paper comprises 20% if the total marks of the Assessment. DO NOT REMOVE ANY PART OF THIS EXAM PAPER FROM THE EXAMINANTION VANUE

Section A: Fill in the blank (20M)
1. There are three issues to be considering before entre the business. The first issue is ______________. 2. The advantage of _____________is having proven business format.

3. The business that owned by just one or two individuals called ______________.

4. ___________________is the best implemented in term of 4Ps in marketing scope.

5. ___________________is the borrowed by outside party.

6. ___________________is a credit permitting a business to draw more funds from a bank.

7. The disadvantage of __________________is has to think feeling of current staff.

8. ____________is core group of customer that a business intends to focus marketing efforts.

9. _______________function is control the process by which a firm make a product.

10. ___________________ is the fifth element in making business plan.

Bank overdraft| Entrepreneur| Small business| Purchasing existing business| Debt financing| Operation and Production| Operation management| Marketing mix| Target market| Franchising|

Section B: True and False (10M)
Circle to the correct answer.
No| Questions| True/False|
1.| Marketing mix is the best implemented in the term of 4P’s in marketing scope| True/False| 2.| Another name for Public Raise Capital is Initial Public Offering|...
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