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Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest countries. In an effort to combat poverty and poor health, the country has established a network of affordable rural health-care units. Because doctors and nurses are expensive and not plentiful, the health centers are staffed by female health workers who do blood testing, take urine and stool samples, start IV lines, and diagnose some diseases. A health insurance plan is also offered where poor families can pay only what they can afford. In addition, the centers can also run a medical college, agricultural cooperatives, community schools, and a drug manufacturing plant.

1. In this situation, what is an example of the primary health care principle of accessibility of services, intersectoral approach, appropriate technology and health promotion?

• Accessibility: a continuing and organized supply of essential health services is available to all people with no unreasonable geographic or financial barriers

• Public participation: individuals and communities have the right and responsibility to be active partners in making decisions about their health care and the health of their communities

• Health promotion: the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health

• Appropriate technology: this includes methods of care, service delivery, procedures and equipment that are socially acceptable and affordable

• Intersectoral cooperation: commitment from all sectors (government, community and health) is essential for meaningful action on health determinants. Kozier, et al, p. 238.

• Primary Health Care is the first point of contact of the client with the health care system. It involves the widest scope of health care and includes concepts of continuity of care, prevention, health education

2. What body is responsible for the overall health care system in Qatar?

3. Who is the main provider of public health care in Qatar?

4. What is the major cause of death in Qatar? Cardiovascular

5. What is the major cause of illness in Qatar? Chicken pox

6. What does morbidity mean? – sick/illness

7. What does mortality mean? – death

8. Give an example of primary care services, secondary care, tertiary care?

• Secondary Care Referral:

1. Specialist care

2. Acute care

3. Emergency/outpatient care

4. Child birth

5. Medical imaging

6. Psychiatry

7. Allied health professions: dieticians, physiotherapy, occupational therapy

• Tertiary Care

1. Inpatient care for advanced medical investigation and treatment

2. Cancer management

3. Cardiac surgery

4. Neurosurgery

5. Plastic surgery

6. Neonatology

9. The national health strategy is bringing great changes to the provision of health care in Qatar. How would you describe this change? From what to what?

10. What is a major implication for the nursing profession of the national health strategy?

• Education

• Research

• Practice

• Management

11. What is self regulation? Give an example.

• accountability for public protection by ensuring that nurses are safe,competent and ethical practitioners

12. What are the 4 general practice standards that we discussed in class? Ethical practice, professional responsibility, provision of service to the public, knowledge based practice.

13. What is the purpose of nursing practice standards?

14. What is scope of practice? How do you determine what your scope of practice is?

• practice statement that encompasses all the activities in which nurses engage based on clients needs and the nurse’s knowledge, skills and...
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