Ballet Philippines' High Turn over

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Ballet Philippines

Ma. Cecilia C. YcongDr. Lucila Tibigar
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1. Is the high turnover a problem for Ballet Philippines, or can it be considered a “fact of life” that the institution will just have to live with? Depending on your answer develop strategies in order to (a) reduce turnover, or (b) ensure that the institution will still have consistent performance even in the face of high turnover.

Ballet Philippines has definitely high turnover problem because of lack of promotions, incentives and rewards to artists that normally lead to dancers being hired by foreign dance companies that offer high compensation while others have moved out to start their own dance schools or become private dance instructors. And accordingly as what insiders lament, since the Philippines has yet to appreciate the art of dance as highly as other countries, there is scarce or lack of funding and support for providing higher compensation.

Reducing turnover:

a. Increase ticket sales. This can be done through advertisements, social media (personal interaction and networking) and going to different High Schools, Colleges and Universities to promote ballet shows.

b. Increase number of shows to promote ballet dance as part of the culture of the Philippines thereby increasing income for the company and for the ballet dancers.

c. Increase number of sponsors to support ballet shows.

Consistent artistic performance:

a. Increased sponsors may provide for capacity to provide well compensation to ballet dancers.

b. Government assistance may probably be asked to support its performances.

c. Adequate funds will support the ballet dancers with their artistic performances.

2. Is it possible to transform Ballet Philippines into a financially sustainable organization? Along with your strategies...
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