Ballast Systems Review from Abs 2011

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Ballast Water Treatment Advisory

Our Mission
The mission of ABS is to serve the public interest as well as the needs of our clients by promoting the security of life, property and the natural environment primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities.

Quality & Environmental Policy
It is the policy of ABS to be responsive to the individual and collective needs of our clients as well as those of the public at large, to provide quality services in support of our mission, and to provide our services consistent with international standards developed to avoid, reduce or control pollution to the environment. All of our client commitments, supporting actions, and services delivered must be recognized as expressions of Quality. We pledge to monitor our performance as an on-going activity and to strive for continuous improvement. We commit to operate consistent with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and to provide a framework for establishing and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

Ballast Water Treatment Advisory
Table of Contents
Introduction I. Regulatory Developments a. International Regulatory Status (IMO) b. Overview of Some Regional, National & Local Regulations II. BWT Technologies a. Overview of Treatment Technologies b. Treatment System Approval by IMO & Member States III. BWT Considerations a. Considerations for Selection of Treatment Systems b. Treatment Technology Factors c. General Treatment System Considerations d. Challenges for Installation Engineering IV. Evaluation Checklists a. Vessel Ballast System Particulars – Owner Supplied Data b. Ship & Service Characteristics that Impact BWT Selection – Owner Supplied Data c. Treatment Technology Factors – Vendor Supplied Data d. General Treatment System Considerations – Vendor Supplied Data e. Challenges for Installation Engineering – Owner Supplied Data Appendix: Technical Information for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

The development and approval of ballast water treatment systems is a dynamic process. The information contained in this ABS Advisory Notice should not be construed as being all encompassing and readers are urged to contact ABS or review the latest IMO information available to determine the extent to which the status of the various systems included here may have changed and if other systems have been proposed for review and approval.


he ballast water and sediments carried by ships have been identified as a major pathway for the transport of harmful invasive aquatic organisms and pathogens. Ships often take on ballast water in one port and carry such ballast to other ports where it is discharged. The ballast water and sediments contain living organisms which, despite the harsh conditions in the ballast tanks and piping systems, survive to compete with native species in the port of discharge. If the non-native organisms have few natural predators or other natural controls they may become invasive and change the local ecosystems, sometimes dramatically. The direct economic impact of aquatic invasive species, as well as the potential long term damage to the health of the local marine environment and the people who depend on that environment has been well documented. International, national and regional regulations have been implemented to control the transport of the aquatic organisms. The current efforts rely on ballast water management (BWM) practices, including ballast exchange, and other measures aimed at preventing or minimizing the uptake and discharge of contaminated water


or sediment when ballasting or deballasting. These methods may not be completely effective in preventing invasive species and furthermore are often not required if the safety of the vessel would be at risk during the exchange. Systems that treat ballast...
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