BA 3500 Exam 1 Study Guide

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The exam will be comprised of multiple-choice and short-answer essay questions. To prepare for the exam, you should review lecture notes (including guest lectures), activities from PAS, and the reading requirements. NOTE: The following is provided to help you study for the first exam and covers material and discussions presented in lecture and lab from the lecture PowerPoint slides, our course textbook, and reviewed journal articles. Definition of Professional Development and how it will affect your career Based upon 15 professional competencies

The acquisition of skills, behaviors, and attributes that influence success in business and industry Promotes:
Personal growth
Career advancement
Shows you what competencies employers are looking for
Gives you knowledge on professional etiquette
Gets you in the right mindset to soon be joining the business world Life-long learning to improve your professional skills
Better professionals, managers, leaders
MU’s TCOB professional competency model
A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person (or an organization) to act effectively in a job or situation. Because each level of responsibility has its own requirements, competence can occur in any period of a person’s life or at any stage of his/her career. Job Search Strategies for Life

Creation of a resume
Purpose: to get an interview
Look: neat, clean, appealing
Content: name, contact information, education (BS in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Economics), GPA, specialized coursework or certification Can list accolades here as well as study abroad

Education will move lower in resume once you have secured your first professional full-time position Work Experience, Organizational Field Experience Project, Internship(s), Volunteer Jobs Organizations, Activities, Honors, Skills (all when appropriate) Accurate, honest

No objective statement
No “references upon request” statement
Meeting with Recruiters – Elevator Pitch
15 - 45 SECONDS of fame—the approach is important!
“I am a ___ major and will graduate in May. I researched your company website and would like to talk with you about positions in ___” “I have experience in _____”
“What are the important skills you are seeking in a candidate? Listen to what the recruiter says and respond accordingly.
Draw upon your past experiences… transferable skills are important! How to prepare for a job interview
Prepare answers to potential interview questions
Traditional questions
Behavioral-based questions
Prepare questions to ask the interviewer
Practice interviewing
Dress the part
Know where you’re going and how to get there
Be on time
Purpose of Organizational Field Experience
Personal Learning—What new experiences will you have? What will you learn about your own skills, beliefs, competencies? Professional Development—How will you explore your academic major? What professional skills will you develop, and what professional experiences will you have? What transferrable skills will you gain? Leadership and Understanding of Society—What will you learn about the challenges facing our society? How will you experience and appreciate the lives of people with diverse backgrounds and life situations? You engage in: problem solving, reinforcing and challenging your thinking, exploring new perspectives, and becoming a better server and an informed, participating citizen It is a chance to take your management skills and competencies out for a spin Self-Awareness Competency

Self Awareness- the ability to understand one’s own emotions, thoughts, concerns, and their effects Understanding how our personality traits, values, habits, emotions and needs influence our behavior How to develop self-awareness:

Learn about yourself—assessments, likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses Reflect
Obtain experiences—reflect...
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