B Ethics Discussion Post 2

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Week 2 Discussion Post 1. Describe the organizational culture at CrudeOil. How does it contribute to the current situation?
Jim treated all of the employees with intimidating behavior based on productivity levels and not moral or ethical concepts. His leadership style is coercive and demands immediate compliance. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be "Do what I tell you." In my opinion, it should be avoided because it can alienate employees and create a hostile work environment. 2. How is CrudeOil violating its core value of treating others with respect? What are some ways it could reincorporate this core value into its organizational culture?
“The company’s core value is to treat everyone with respect” (Ferrell, 2015.page 147). Employees and supervisors, in my experiences, often treat colleagues in harsh and unethical manners only as far as the victim allows it to happen. Financial and reputational harm are questionable and unethical behaviors and organizational policies must be clearly established to reincorporate this value into its culture.

3. If Madison cannot report her problems to her immediate supervisor, what are some other ways she can handle the situation?
I would suggest for Madison to seek advice from a trusted professional, such as the HR compliance officer to verify the actions are inappropriate, if so, Madison needs to learn what process is available for voicing her concern to a higher level. Jim’s behavior is clearly unethical, but many of these behaviors are less clear and occur in complex situations. The most complicated situations often involve employees who witness what is, or appears to be, unethical behavior and are unsure how to respond, especially if job security is on the line.
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Mr. Mario Nerey
Ferrell, O., & Fraedrich, J. (2015). Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases (10th ed., p. 147). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

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