Avocados Case Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Economics terminology, Manufacturing Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Are They Ready to Put “Avocados” on Their Faces?

Facts of the Case
In 1993 on the month of September when Mr. Ricky Bautista, the President of Vive Chem Philippines(VCP), called his production manager to discuss the possibility of having King Matches Corporation(KMC), a nationwide distributor of consumer products. Mr. Bautista was looking for a marketing firm to introduce and promote this product of company which is the herbal astringents. KMC was the marketing arm of the King Match, Inc. (KMI), the largest manufacturer of matches in the Philippines. Both KMI and KMC are subsidiaries of KM group of companies, one of the top 10 holding corporations in the Philippines. Point of View

Since VCP was already supplying industrial chemicals to the agriculture division of the KM Group of Companies and having had a long-term relationship with the owners of the KMI Group of Companies. Mr. Ricky Bautista wants the new product line of herbal astringents would be a new product in the industry of facial care. He suggested the possibility of the KMC carrying their new product line which is a herbal-based astringent. Statement of the Problem

What should be the company strategy for the successful launching of the product and to whom it may distribute? Objectives
To effectively promote the product in the industry with remarkable brand name. Areas of Consideration
Strength - It is safe to use since it is herbal-based product. Weakness – The product’s label is not yet recognized by the consumers. Opportunity – The product’s nature is expandable to other distinguishable herbal plants. Threat – Since it is natural product, it has many competitors in the industry Alternative Courses of Action

1. Differentiation of product.
Advantage: The product will be compared to other products. Since it is a herbal-based astringent, it makes the product different. Disadvantage: Consumers might doubt in using this product since it is new in the market. 2. Modifiability of product’s...
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