Australian Soldiers Fighting on the Kokoda Trail During Ww2 Essay Example
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Why was it so difficult for the Australians to fight on the Kokoda Trail in 1942 during WW2?

The battle of the Kokoda Trail occurred from July 1942 until January 1943 and is known as one of the most important battles of WW2. Located in Papua New Guinea, the Australian soldiers fought against the Japanese army in order to protect Australia. The Kokoda was the ‘bloodiest’ of all battles in WW2 and included great involvement from the Australian soldiers. It was very difficult for the soldiers to fight in the battle. They had to rely on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels for help while they were struggling with the conditions and illnesses that the battle had to offer.

The Kokoda Trail was a very difficult battle to be involved in and the Australian soldiers looked to and relied on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels for help and assistance. The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea. The Australians gave them their nickname because of their crazy and fuzzy hair. As the war was very difficult, the Fuzzy Wuzzys got involved and helped out the Australians as much as they could. As there was no time to help the sick and wounded, the soldiers had to rely on the Fuzzy Wuzzys to treat them. They would turn into ‘human ambulances’ and carry the wounded back to their village where they would then treat them and make them feel better (Ham, 2004, p.211). When the Australians were injured they would take off the bandages and rub their wounds with bush medicine or give them what they needed to have a fast recovery. The Fuzzy Wuzzys would be there at every call at any time of the day or night to assist the patients. Considering they knew nothing about the war until the troops started moved through their area, they were very generous and kind-hearted. P Ham stated “The men were not the only ones helping; the woman would carry the food too” (Ham, 2004, p.211). The Fuzzy Wuzzys also helped the men come to terms with the conditions and what was happening during that time. If

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