Assignment 4

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Pro-environment business practices. The hotel and resort shape it's practices by taking pride in there environment, they are involved in a greening community program which improves the quality of the environment and also creates pride and respect among it's staff.  At the hotel and resorts some are built on silts and platforms to avoid cutting trees and to prevent soil erosion.  The hotel resort toiletries that are nontoxic and biodegradable.  The main focus of the hotel and resorts is to keep its clients happy in a safe and green environment. Service design and delivery. All employees are trained in basic standards of five star service establishments, which include greeting guests, remembering their first names and making sure all of their needs are being met.  There focus is to provide a sense of hospitality, and make the guest feel important and welcomed, this makes for a friendly and helpful environment. Winning the support of local communities and public interest groups. Banyan Tree Hotels and resorts wan the support of local communities and public interest groups contributed to shape the service by engaging local craftsmen to produce indigenous art and handicrafts for sale at this galleries.  Benyan Tree also involved the local community even when the resort was being built.  Villas were constructed with as much indigenous materials supplied by local traders.  Arts bought from local handicrafts to complement the villas.  Most important Benyan Tree provides employment for the local community.  An out standing measure the hotel contributed to a laboratory called The Banyan Tree Maldives Marine, it is the first fully equipped private research facility to be fully funded and operated by this resort.  The laboratory seeks to lead the conservation efforts in the Maldives to protect and generate coral and marine life for the future of the tourism industry and to promote awareness and education for the community.
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