Assignment 1

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ASSIGNMENT 01 (COMPULSORY) Multiple choice

Unique assignment number: 885371


1 Answer this assignment on one of the mark-reading sheets.

2 Make sure that you fill in the assignment number (02) as well as the unique assignment number (885371) on the mark-reading sheet.

3 Study the procedure for the use of mark-reading sheets (refer to my Studies @ Unisa) before you start on your assignment.

4 Clearly indicate your choice -- use an HB pencil.

5 Carefully study all prescribed material before attempting to complete the assignment.

6 This assignment counts towards your year mark.

As soon as you have received the feedback, please check your answers. The assignments and the feedback on these assignments constitute an important part of your learning and should help you to be better prepared for the next assignment.

Source: Use your prescribed book and study guide..

The new education system expect learners to be responsible for their own learning in order to become …

1. self sufficient.

2. dependent learners.

3. independent learners.

4. life-long learners

Question 2

Competency can be defined as …

1. knowledge, skills and the ability to perform a task.

2. the ability to listen attentively.

3. the ability to teach effectively.

4. the ability to respond to learners’ needs.

Question 3

Perceptual incidences, inattention and neurological handicaps are examples of...

1. medical obstacles to learning.

2. pedagogical obstacles to learning.

3. social obstacles to learning.

4. systematic obstacles to learning.

Question 4

An additional language is learnt well if …

1 The language that the educator uses is easy enough for the learners to understand all the words.

2 The language that the educator uses is a little above the learners current level of competence in the second language

3 The educator first makes sure that the learners understand all the words and concepts that he/ she are going to use.

4 The educator uses very difficult words and then makes sure that the learners go and look up the words in a dictionary.

Question 5

Which of the following combinations is acceptable for the support of learners whose home language is not the LOLT?

(i) Learners should not be allowed to work in their home language

(ii) Vocabulary list should be drawn up

(iii) Visual materials are not language related and should therefore not be used in a great deal

(iv) The educator should as far as possible explain the content in the learners’ home language.

1 (i), and (ii) are acceptable

2 (i) and (iv) are acceptable

3 (ii) and (iii) are acceptable

4 (i), (ii) and (iv) are acceptable

Question 6

Which one of the following statements is applicable to the use of teaching media?

1 The media ensures that the learners are actively involved during the lesson

2 It is usually the teacher who handles the media and this may thus result in a lesson becoming teacher centered.

3 When educators produce their own media, they should make sure that the media are durable and can be used over and over again.

4 Media can make a lesson more interesting, hold the learners attention longer and in so doing improve learning.

Question 7

Which one of the following statement on the making of language errors is correct?

1 All language errors that learners make in written work should be clearly indicated

2 When learners make language errors while speaking, he/she should be interrupted and the error pointed out.

3 If language errors are constantly corrected, it will produce learners who makes very few errors.

4 All the above

Which of the following statements...
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