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Writing Assignment
Future Career Aspirations Based on Career Assessment Tools
Who am I? | One
Write about who you are, where you’re from, what defines and makes you “you” What is my major and why? | Two
Write about your (intended) major and why you chose…be specific in your reasoning. What did you learn from taking the Career Assessments? | Three Did you learn anything new about yourself and your career aspirations? What information validated your thoughts about yourself? How might this information help you in your short and long term career goals? Type your answers using MS Word with the following formatting: Must be between 1- 2 pages typed, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, MS Word default margins; Writing Competency (***see appendix in syllabus for rubric and details) Every business student must write professionally. Written assignments are found throughout the business curriculum including courses in every major. In BA3300, you start with a two-page written assignment in which your writing competency is evaluated using the COB writing rubric (incorporated in this syllabus). In addition, your essay must be free of the fundamental writing errors shown in the following bulleted list: Misspelled words

Sentence fragments
Run-on sentences
Inaccurate use of words
Subject – verb tense disagreement
Punctuation errors
Grammar errors

You are responsible for proofreading, editing and using software tools, such as spell checking and grammar checking PRIOR to submission. If this written assignment is rated unacceptable on any criteria, you will be referred to the COB Writing Lab to resubmit your paper with penalty. You will find the COB Writing Lab is listed in your menu of courses when you login to Blackboard Learn. The COB Writing Lab contains resources that you can access any time to improve your writing skills. In addition, you can request to meet via online or face-to-face with a professional writing tutor, Ms. Robin...
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