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Assessment Tool Analysis
NUR/440 Version 3
October 22, 2012
Sheila De Vaugh, APRN, BC

Assessment Tool Analysis Paper

The “American Nurses Association” (2012) website describes the nursing process as assessment, diagnosis, outcomes/planning, implementation, and evaluation. Another important tool is getting to know the patient, to get a full picture of the patient’s physical and mental status. Although there are several assessment tools that can be used, three tools were chosen for the purpose of this paper The Well-Being Picture Scale, the Beck Depression Inventory, and the Norbeck Social Support Questionnaire. Being informed about Watson’s caring theory and applying previous nursing knowledge allows the nurse to use these assessment tools to help with the effectiveness of patient’s psychological well-being, and to implement a plan by providing optimum holistic care based on patient’s needs.

Well- Being Picture Scale
According to Reis and Alligood (2008) “The well-being picture scale is a 10-item non-language based pictorial scale based on Rogerian science that measures general well-being within the unique human-environmental field process.” (p.8). The scale has two pictures with a number value between the two ranging from 1 to 7. Seventy is the highest score possible and 10 the lowest. Patients are asked what picture they feel most like. Higher scores indicate a higher level of well- being. Low scores indicate a lower level of well-being. The test is easy to administer and can be used on anyone. It is especially easy to be used with people who don’t speak English, the elderly, seriously ill, and young children. Figure 1. Sample items from the Well-being Picture Scale.

Source: Gueldner, S.H., Michel, Y., Bramlett, M.H., Liu, C.F., Johnston, L.W., Endo, E., Minegishi, H., & Carlyle, M.S. (2005). The well-being picture scale. A revision of the index of field energy. Nursing Science Quarterly, 18 (1), 48

By using this test, health care...
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