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Arts, Man and Society Notes

By Elledamor Feb 27, 2013 562 Words
What is ART - skill acquired by experience
the conscious use of skill & creative imagination especially in the
production of aesthetic objects

LASCAUX PALEOLITHIC cave painting (c15,000 BC)
MANUNGGUL JAR (c710-890)
2nd LGBT Flores de Mayo Q.C.
CCP by leandro locsin (1969)
DL UMALI HALL by Leandro Locsin (1965)
Pahiyas Festival , Lucban Quezon

What counts as Art?


David Hume (1711-1776)
Scottish philosopher - all should agree that it is pleasurable but there is still a standard of _______..

The creation of Adam by Michael Angelo (c1511)
Spoliarium by Juan Luna (c1884)
Maskara Festival, Bacolod Negros Occ.

Does common taste valdate the standard of taste?

Why do people willingly view horror movies?



(entertaining = engaging)

Robin George Collingwood - art is not just entertainment John Stuart Mill - greater Quantity of pleasure vs greater Quality ARISTOTLE - pleasure is X exp. but the exp. is the manner on how

we engage


Aesthetic pleasure

Balloon dogs by Jeff Koons


Leo Tolstoy - art is human activity
artists are people inspired

How to identify the expressed emotion???

The Scream by Eduard Munch (1893) - distorted image for emotional effect
Composition II in red,blue,and yellow by Piet Mondrian (1930)

FASHION as a form of Expression

How emotions are embodied in work of art....

artist audience

emotional ARTemotional
experienceresponse Are these =? NOT ALL

Outpouring of emotions

ARISTOTLE Katharsis/Purging
Robin George Collingwood Art is not just arousal of emotions but find the
unique value of art - to discover self


What do we learn from art? ----- ART - valuable source of knowledge - easily get info

Nelson Goodman - art must be taken no less seriously than science

Art - irreplaceable
- enhance our understanding
- present diff. perspective


1. Instrumental Theories
- as manufacture - functional na bagay
- as instrument for religion and moral ......
- “ “ for education & improvement - for expression & communication of emotions - for the vicarious expansion of exp .


2. Interest in Art as relfection / copy

-realism - idealism - fiction

3. Formalism / Formalist Theory of Art

Formalism vs Semiotics
- science of sign giving aspects : SIGNIFIER : MATERIAL ASPECT
Art - concept
- human construct

Artworks/ Works of Art -products/ tangible objects


* Artists -Marce Duchamp’s Urinals & “Defamiliarization” by Victor Schlovsky * Academe
* Art Critics
* Curators
* Church
* Gov’t
* Media

-no rule/guidelines, it’s art bec. the artist said so
-not for sale, experimentation
- may be entertaining, amusing, shocking, or horrifying

Inspired performance art
Dada, Futurism, The Bauhaus & the Black mountain College


*Victorio Edades - head of modernist - the terrible side of life(darker colors)


Sun God Vase ----------------------------------by Niki De Saint Phalle (New Realism) ---------------------------------- by Anita Magsaysay - Ho (Modernism) Brown Madonna -------------------------------by Galo Ocampo (Modernism) Luncheon on the Grass ----------------------by Edouard Manet (Impressionism) 1873 Itak sa Puso ni Mang Juan ------------------by Antipas Delotavo (Social Realism) 1977 Holy Family w/St. Anne-----------------------by Domenikos Theotokopoulous (Mannerism) ----------------------------------by Waway Saway Talaandig Artists (Soil Art)

Johnny Depp ----------------------------------by Annie Leibovitz (Contemporary Photography) Scheithozer ------------------------------------by Gunther Uecker (Optical Art) 1953 The Rape of Proserpina --------------------by Gianlorenzo Bernini (Baroque) Ten Punching Bags (Last Supper) -------by Andy Warhol & (Pop Art) Jean - Michel Basquiat

VALUE - graduation of Tone from light -> dark

Chiaroscuro - “chiaro” &”oscuro”
light dark


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