Article Summary of "Science nonfiction"

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Article Summary of "Science nonfiction"
By Niv Lilien

“Science nonFiction" was written by Niv Lilien, and was published in the “Marker week” magazine on the 31th of December 2010 .In the article Nilien talks about a fictional kind of technology that might be in use someday.

The writer believes that the main part of our daily activities like making breakfast, choose what to wear for a meeting, or even turning a page while reading, will be done by an intelligent technology, that part of it is already in developing stages today.

One of these technologies called "Meta - flex". It’s a new material that was discovered by scientists from St. Andrews University in Scotland on 2010. It can "bend" light waves to go around it, and so in the future it will be possible to manufacture transparent objects. Although this technology is very hard to produce today, scientists believe this won't be a problem in a few decades from now.

Another kind of technology that was discussed in the article will monitor our body and mind behavior. This kind of technology will use a telepathic interfaces and microscopic sensors and could tell when we are about to wake up, turn a page for us at the end of reading, and even do something accordingly to our thoughts about it. This technology also started to develop only now, however you already can buy Kinect accessories for your Xbox 360 and it will be able to respond to your body movement.

Finally, Lilien believes that our technology in any present time will always be different from the one we'll have in the future. People are always full with creativity and will never run out of ideas to evolve, just like Michelangelo was using oil paint hundred years ago, people are still making new artworks using them.
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