Artemis Sportswear Company Essay Example

Pages: 8 (1955 words) / Published: Dec 15th, 2006
Sportswear has become the popular trend of fashion: The popular trend for teenagers and adults. Sportswear has been promoted over time by sports players such as basketball, baseball and football players as well as Olympic Gold Medal Winners. The era of sportswear has grown significantly and businesses have noticed the need for change from sports fans and spectators. Businesses began to realize that growth and profits can be made in selling sportswear. Lately, it seems as though sportswear fashion is worn on a daily basis by many individuals other then sports figures. This style has simply transferred into a type of "fashion style". However, even though businesses realize the popularity and profits of sportswear, it is still the question of effective production as well as improvement of sales and operational costs.

Artemis Sportswear Company needs to cut operational expenses by changing their marketing strategy. Artemis needs to think, decide and act in terms of the final consumer. As a result they will know who their consumers are, and what they want and need. Artemis must tailor their offers to the consumer's needs so they can get to know them and provide them with a worthwhile product. The orientation is toward the market and not to the product. Our analyses of Artemis Sportswear are as follows: As indicated by Market Analysis there is four general categories of consumer in the sportswear industry; the Browsers, the hardcore athlete, the weekend warrior and internet sales. The browsers want to stop in for a look on the way to other destinations. They may be into various types of sports and activities or just taking a driving tour. Browsers may be travelers or locals depending upon the season or event. Hardcore athletes are very conscientious, they know the language of their sport, the gear they use and are very loyal to the brand they use; they want to look and stay cool, consequently they will provide the company with powerful word of mouth marketing.

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